Dating tips for men

Dating tips for men
Dating tips for men
Dating tips for men
Dating tips for men

Both men and women are looking at different things on the first date and many of these observations help determine if you will see each other again.

Here are some simple mistakes men commit on the first date seen from a woman view:


Dating tips for men – No eye contact

No eye contact is a no go. It is okay that you are a little nervous / excited, but keeping eye contact with the person you are with is about general respect and courtesy, and therefore it is a very important factor for building attraction.

Of course, you should not stare at her, so she feels completely uncomfortable, but make sure she meets her eyes regularly (for example, if you’re out on a walk).


Dating tips for men – You are sitting with your phone

Put your phone away. When you are on the first date, the phone should be in your pocket, the whole time of the date. If it is calling, no, you will not talk to your buddy. If you get an important text message, you must wait.

There is not much more to say here, the phone should not really be part on a date. The date is only about you and her, if you want a chance for success.


Dating tips for men – Pay for my coffee

Though we live in a different way now than we did just 50 years ago. So in relation to the man / woman role, then the woman also like to contribute and pay and take part in a lot of things that were previously completely gendered.

But on the first date it is still the man’s task to pay our coffee / cocoa. It is already a slightly fragile situation, with the payment. You stand and are unsure whether he will order / pay, or if you have to get ready with his thank-you card or what’s happening.

Here the man is dressed to take control and care about things, so the date can feel safe, respected and lovely. Start saying “it was a hot cocoa you would not have ? Then find a table you can sit by, and then you get up and order for both. Easy and sweet.


Dating tips for men – You talk too much / say almost nothing

Both these things is a no go. If you are on date with a man who is constantly talking so you can hardly get a word introduced (and most about yourself) it’s really annoying. You do not feel very interesting in your dates eyes, and you really only get the impression that your date would like to talk about his job, pay, apartment, car, clothes, study or something else. When you are talking all the time it is annoying to your date.

On the other way if your date say nothing, it is even harder. Then you must constantly have a topic ready when you, in a single word, have the answer to what you just asked. So one hour’s walk suddenly seems really long, especially if you can not figure out good relevant questions.


Dating tips for men – You are looking at other girls / are not concentrated

Okay, you are a man. Yes, there are many beautiful women around. But when you are on a date with a woman and sitting opposite each other, your date expect that you are interested in her.

There is nothing worse than sitting with a man who has a look elsewhere, it seems most like everything you do, it is not interesting at all. And yes, your date can see you when you check out other women and also on a first date. So that is a big turn-off.


Dating tips for men – The shoes

More or less all women in the world will notice your shoes and try to analyze your shoes as it was the crystal ball of a spell. For women, the choice of shoes helps to tell unbelievably much about a guy.

Whether her conclusions are correct or fair, they help to give her a full picture of you. Use your choice of shoes to show your best side, or at least hide your worst. Avoid having garden old ugly “suck” on, even if they are just super comfortable.

Find a pair of nice clean shoes and if you are in doubt they are too ‘flashy’, take a few simple discreet shoes on – just make sure they are not dirty.


Dating tips for men – You are what you eat

It is usually men who place the most emphasis on what a woman is eating, but your choice of food often tells you what you are for a type of person and you have often heard the phrase “the way to a woman’s heart goes through her belly” .

It may be a truth with modifications, but you can be stony-sure that she notices what you eat. On the other hand, if you are exaggerated aware of the food, it may cause backlash and it will be perceived negatively to your date.

Do not bother yourself with various allergies you may or may have and at the same time do not allow me to get the food in you, as it was your last meal. Generally, keep calm around the food and let it be another priority – Of course, your dating partner must be the first priority.


Dating tips for men – How much you drink

Women often notice very quickly if you are in harmony with yourself and if you can control your loads. Although this is not something we always generally emphasize women often tend to look for signs that indicate addiction or other bad habits.

Whether you are fond of wine or beer. Here take a break at least when you are on your first date. A glass of wine and a drink is always cozy and nice, even helping to take the top of the nervousness, but pouring big draft beer does not even send a signal to her about moderation.


Dating tips for men – Your hands

After the eyes, your hands are probably the most visible body part that tells you most about your person and lifestyle. Some women look fully conscious of their potential partners’ hands, while others unconsciously detect the appearance of your hands.

As you know, you can not really change your eyes’ looks, but you can definitely do something about your hands. Cut and clean your nails and wash the grabs before meeting your date. It is basically not men who have long nails and it is few women who will hold you in hand or touch you if you have dirt and crush on your fingers.

Of course there are hundreds of factors that play in and most women register many of these completely unconsciously. Decisions are most often taken on the basis of an overall picture, but the above things can help you to make some good decisions when you are on your first date.